Struggling to make doing what you love a viable source of income?

If the work you do is about way more than any financial reward you get for it, then we speak the same language, share a similar vision. Perhaps you do it for the greater good, or maybe you do it for love. Sadly, love doesn’t pay bills. Finding, engaging and converting your target market into a community of superhappy customers, clients and fans does though.

And that’s where I come in: After 12 years marketing big FMCG brands, I now work exclusively with social enterprises and people driven by a passion, a mission or a purpose on extending influence and developing engaged communities* to make that magic happen.

If you’re yet to see any real benefits from your social media activity, or you’re at a loss to know the best way to promote your name, brand, products and services, why not drop me a line (or tweet me) and let’s arrange a chat. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re ready to up the ante, I can almost certainly help.

*Of customers, potential customers, internal teams, trade, influencers…