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Judith Morgan, my friend and colleague, gave me and BusinessBlogAngel a mention on her blog yesterday. She wanted to include testimonials on her blog and I suggested that she simply create a new category called Testimonials and then post them as normal blog entries as they come in.  In the post above, she was warning – and apologising to – her readers that the next few entries would be ‘a veritable testimonial fest’ as she posted all the historical ones in. BUT there’s really no need to worry about that, because she can simply ‘bury’ them by backdating – let me explain…

Step 1

Post your blog entry as you would normally, assigning the Testimonials category to it and saving it as a Draft only.


Step 2

Next, change the Posting Status from Draft to Publish On and a little calendar window will pop up. You can also access the calendar window by clicking on the clock/date line just under the Draft/Publish On/Publish Now box (circled in red in pic below – click to enlarge).

Fig2The month that shows will be the current month and any days when you posted will be shaded green. Note – if you click on this line in an old post, the month that will be displayed will be the month in which the post was published.

Now, simply scroll back to the previous month by clicking on the ‘<‘ symbol – circled in red. Of course, Judith might choose to scroll back to the month that the testimonial was originally sent. Once you are in the month you want, simply click on the date so that it is shaded green. Now, click on Set Date and the calendar window will close.

Step 3

Remember to click on the SAVE button! at the bottom of the post page.  Now your post will be buried in the archive, but accessible when you click on Testimonials in the Category menu. Perfect.

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